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NOTE: This example will not work on a chumby until firmware release 1.6, expected during Q3 of 2008. In the meantime, you may test this widget on your desktop.

Project Description

This is an extension of the Pendulum sample widget. It connects to an XML socket and broadcasts data about its position. It also receives data describing the collective position of all other connected pendulum's. The result is a community (multi-player) pendulum.


  • Start the included pendulum server (PendulumServer.rb). This server is written in Ruby which is free and can be downloaded from here Edit the port number at the bottom of the script if you wish.
  • Edit the HOST and PORT values in HOST value is the IP Address of the computer running PendulumServer.rb.
  • Open Pendulum.fdp in FlashDevelop and build the project.
  • Run the widget on two or more chumby's


The complete source code can be downloaded from here:

Run it on your chumby

Once pendulum.swf is built, you can upload it as your own widget. Further instructions for testing locally are outlined in FlashDevelop/Example or see Chumby_tricks#Mixing_local_widgets_into_a_channel