NeTV release 12 notes

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  • Fixed TKIP wifi-config bug & WEP hex key
  • Deal properly with special characters in network_config
  • Added UI to manually configure WiFi network
  • Added ca-certificates for HTTPS support
  • Add watchdog - If the system freezes it will get rebooted now
  • Bootloader - You must hold down the button in order to be able to enter the U-boot console
  • CPU - Work around some CPU L2 cache coherence bugs that caused incompatibility with JIT self-modifying code
  • Browser -- wrapped restart script around browser, so inadvertent crashes due to L2 cache bugs lead to restart of UI instead of hang
  • Recover mode -- there is a non-functional recovery mode in the image. Pressing and holding the setup button will reboot into it. Don't use it yet, will be updated to functionality soon. The real recovery mode will be able to take a totally munged system image and redownload/re-image from scratch via wifi (similar to how recovery mode works on Macbooks today)

Control Panel

  • bug fix and major UI update for Panel-Help, Panel-Settings
  • control panel is now "chumby-aware", i.e., fetches your channel profiles. You should see much more interesting stuff in the channel listings.
  • Enable switching to and from Panel-Help and Panel-SystemInfo in AP-mode.
  • Added channel listing in Panel-Channels, enable user to "Set Current Channel".
  • In widget-listing, match "NeTV Compatiable" widgets.
  • Allow user to edit widgets' parameters for "NeTV Compatiable && Has parameter" widgets.
  • Automatically correct the time & timezone by using MaxMind's GeoIP webservice
  • Added "Enable SSH" at Panel-Setting and Panel-SystemInfo
  • SSH can be enabled through UI


  • Convert most UDP operations on Android to TCP/HTTP (enhance reliability on congested networks)
  • Added activation using XAPI on Android


  • Apple TV series 2 compatibility bug fixed.


  • Numerous widgets ported to NeTV event-mode format:
    • ESPN
    • NYtimes
    • Stock quotes
    • engadget
    • google news
    • groupon
    • hacker news
    • People
    • NFL and MLB sports scores
    • weather
    • Yahoo news
    • twitter