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This example demonstrates how to upload and download widget parameters. Uploaded parameters are available to a widget swf (and configuration swf) at runtime as key/value pairs in _root. You may upload and download parameters from a configuration swf on chumby.com, or from a widget swf running on a physical chumby (code in this example applies to both scenarios). In this particular example, the configuration swf uploads two values. When the widget runs, if the values exist it displays them.

Source files (Flash 8): widget_parameters_example.zip

Here is a similar configuration widget example done completely with FlashDevelop. It saves and retrieves name and password parameters.

Source files (FlashDevelop): SampleConfigurationWidget.zip

Here is another configuration widget example done with Openlazlo 4.8.0. It saves but doesn't retrieve parameters. See also Developing_with_openlaszlo.

Source files (Openlazlo): chummix_config.lzx which depends on xmlhttprequest.lzx