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Account not found?

If you used you chumby at Foo Camp in August of 2006, you may have to recreate your account.

Problems connecting to the network?

G-Only Networks

Note: This section only applies to Foo/Katamari alpha prototypes that have not had their firmware updated


If your chumby consistently fails to connect to the wireless network, you may be experiencing a known problem with 802.11G (and some Mixed Mode 802.11B+G) networks.


In order to work around this issue until a fix is available, try setting your wireless access point to B-Only.

Note: This problem should be fixed with firmware version 128

Firmware restore

Instructions for restoring firmware was provided in early 2013 and circulated again in 2014. This information should be re-checked to verify it is up-to-date in the future.

  1. Get a USB flash drive
  2. Download the appropriate firmware for your type of Chumby:
    1. Chumby Classic:
    2. Chumby One:
    3. Chumby 8:
    4. Insignia Infocast:
  3. Copy the files to the toplevel of the USB flash drive
    1. Chumby Classic only: Unpack the zip file and move all of the contents to the top level of the USB flash drive.
    2. Other Chumby devices: copy the downloaded file to the top level of the USB flash drive without unpacking
  4. Put the flash drive into the back of your device
  5. Reboot the device, while touching the screen to get the device into "special options mode".
  6. Press the "Install updates" button.
  7. Press the "Install from USB flash drive".
  8. Confirm

The device should start updating - DO NOT unplug the the device while this is happening!