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There are a large number of magical files that will affect behavior of the device merely by their presence in /psp. All flags are enabled by creating a file with the given name, and are disabled by removing the file.

Flag Effect Ironforge Falconwing
alt_opening Plays the alternate opening swf Y Y
REFORMAT_STORAGE Reformats /mnt/storage on boot N Y
missed_alarm Indicates that chumbalarmd has missed an alarm, so flashplayer won't start up at boot. Y Y
disable_intro Prevents the intro movie from running. Set when "Never show intro" is tapped. Y Y
start_sshd Automatically starts a passwordless ssh daemon when the network starts. Y Y
start_ap Automatically sets up an access point if connected via 3G or ethernet. N Y
fmradio_xclk Tells the FM radio to use a clock generated from the CPU, rather than from a crystal. N Y
usb_fb_hack Always allow a user to plug in a keyboard and have fbcon activate, rather than only when FP is running. N Y

Magic files with values

These files will affect various aspects of the system based on values present in them.

Flag Value Effect Ironforge Falconwing
backup_alarm_duration Integer value An integer contained within specifies the duration of the backup alarm (DMS) in seconds. Y Y
clockoverlay.xml See the clockoverlay.xml link Displays a clock overlay when in widget mode. Y Y
music_order See the music_order link Reorder the items in the CP > music source list. Y Y
hotspot Comma separated integer values, for a hot-spot in the upper-left: 0,0 Create a small invisible on-screen hotspot that performs the same function as the top button to exit widget mode and return to the main screen of the Control Panel  ? Y