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Widgets are passed a set of properties on the _root timeline about the Chumby such as its name, the current channel, the Chumby user, the music source, information about the clock, and so forth. These are set by the control panel before each and every widget runs. The current parameters are described below.


The following are properties of _root explicitly set by the Chumby Flash environment.



A hash of the GUID of the chumby device. The GUID is unique, and so is the hash. This could be used as a unique key for an external database.

Example: _root["_chumby_chumby_id"]=466FA71A-B376-CA53-702F-04816B2B987


The name you associated with your Chumby. This can be changed though the My Chumby web page

  • Available on the virtual Chumby, but the value is "Virtual Chumby".



  • valid values are 12 and 24



The current firmware version.

  • 733



The current hardware version.

  • 3.7 (please edit in your version if it is different)





The contents of the file /var/run/; this is a "properties" file of "name=value" pairs used to identify the currently playing song. Since this information is derived from the ID3 tags in the currently playing file, the information may or may not be present.

This value is set when the user has selected a music source from the control panel.

My Music Files Example:

Tags/Artist=Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Trio
Tags/Album=Hot Swing!
_chumby_music_source_name=My Music Files

Pandora Example:


Shoutcast Example:

_chumby_music_properties=Tags/Title=Electric Skychurch - Creation
This stream requires <a href="">Winamp</a>
ICY/notice2=Firehose Ultravox/SHOUTcast Relay Server/Linux v2.6.0
ICY/name=Groove Salad: a nicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves. [SomaFM] Tags/RadioName=Groove Salad: a nicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves. [SomaFM] ICY/genre=Ambient Chill Tags/Genre=Ambient Chill ICY/url= ICY/pub=1 ICY/metaint=16384 ICY/br=128


_selector _name _state _label
cbspodcasts CBS Podcasts
   <name>Eye to Eye</name>
   <description>Hear newsmakers in their own words as Katie Couric picks the hottest
interview of the day.</description>
Eye to Eye: Sadr City
chumbcast blue octy radio
<station channels="2" samplerate="44100" lc="1" 
 ct="WERS - Emerson College" genre="Independent" br="128" id="30" 
 mt="audio/mpeg" name="WERS- Emerson College" />
WERS - Emerson College
directurl My Streams
<stream url="" 
 id="a234a514-a483-4cd7-1869-46061aa805fc" mimetype="audio/x-scpls" name="WBUR" />
iheartradio iheartradio (beta) KISS 108
ipod iPod
<playlist id="1" trackcount="13" fullTrackCOunt="13">
   <name>Bruce Springsteen</name>
Streets of Philadelpha
mediafly Mediafly Podcasts
<channel slug="history and culture" name="history and culture" />
US Job Losses; Dr King---s Dream; Primary News
mp3files My Music Files
(an empty string)
noaa NOAA Radio by Wunderground
  <location>Denver, CO</location>
KEC76:162.55 Denver, CO
nytpodcasts New York Times Podcasts
   <name>Front Page</name>
   <description>James Barron summarizes the top headlines every weekday 
morning.&lt;&gt;Schedule: Mon - Fri</description>
NYT Front Page for 04/05/2008
pandora Pandora Radio 108382803930576642 Structures From Silence
shoutcast Shoutcast
<station lc="4311" ct="Ulrich Schnauss - Never Be The Same" 
genre="Ambient Chill" br="128" id="841" mt="audio/mpeg" 
name="Groove Salad: a plate of ambient beats and grooves. [Soma FM]" />
Groove Salad: a plate of ambient beats and grooves. [Soma FM]
sleepcast Sleep Sounds
<station channels="2" samplerate="44100" lc="1" ct="Waves -" 
genre="White Noise" br="128" id="71" mt="audio/mpeg" 
name="Waves -" />
Waves -
slimserver SlimServer
<slimserver ip=""/>
Streaming from
  • These parameters are not updated during the widget's run-time.


  • Only set when music is playing
  • XML: Contains the properties of the current music selection, with the exception of Pandora.
  • the name of the entity changes depending on the music source.


  • Only set when music is playing
  • Contains the name of the current playing


  • Only set when music is playing
  • The name of the music source, such as "Radio Free Chumby" or "Mediafly Podcasts."


  • Only set when music is playing



A hash of the GUID used to uniqely represent the current channel. This can be used as a key for an external database.


The name of the current channel.

  • Available on the virtual Chumby.



The current software version.

  • 1.6.0



This value is the time (milliseconds after the epoch) when the current widget will expire, or -1 if the current widget is pinned. Unlike most of the other parameters, this value will be updated while a widget is running This will happen if the user interacts with the widget by pinning it or touching the screen.

You can get the current time in the same format as _chumby_timer_expires value by using the getTime() method of Date, as in:

var myDate:Date = new Date();
var expires:Number = _root["_chumby_timer_expires"];

if ( expires == -1 ) {
    trace ("ya pinned me!");
} else if ( expires - myDate.getTime() < 10000 ) {
    trace("less that ten seconds to go...");  



A hash of a unique ID (GUID) associated with your username. This is meant to uniquely identify the user and allow a developer to use it as a key for an external database.
NOTE: For historical reasons, the following peculiarity will be preserved: Devices with smaller screens (chumby classic, chumby one, infocast 3.5") will report 1 particular _chumby_user_id value while larger screen devices (chumby 8, infocast 8", sony dash) will all report another - even for the same username.


Your user name, that is, the account which with you registered your Chumby.

  • Available on the virtual Chumby.



  • Cooperative mode; setting it to true signals the widget is done
  • See Cooperative Mode
  • Available (and visible) in the Virtual Chumby


The name of the current widget, as given during configuration time.


? (Please fill in what this is for)

  • Available in the Virtual Chumby with the value iof false



The number of widgets in the current channel.


  • URL of service which the widget uses to send widget parameters. The configuration widget uses a different URL if it needs to send new parameter values; see _chumby_instance_url
  • See Data Persistence


A unique identifier (GUID) given your widget.

  • I think this is updated whenever a widget is updated...
  • When a configuration widget calls getURL(), this is passed along via the query string.


The current widget's position within the list of widgets in the current channel. This starts with 0, not 1.