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*802.11g wifi
*802.11g wifi
*Easy to use 7-button IR remote
*Easy to use 7-button IR remote
Q: Can NeTV stream internet video?<br>
A: NeTV is designed to work as an add-on to devices like Boxee, Revu, Roku, STB, PS3, Xbox360, DVR, DVD, etc. It sits between these devices and the TV. Therefore, NeTV does not provide streaming video services, as you already have several perfectly good sources of video. NeTV's key benefit is adding push delivery of personalized internet news on top of ''all'' platforms in a non-intrusive and always-on manner. By being platform agnostic, you can use NeTV to add apps to any system without having to throw away your existing hardware investments.<br>

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Looking to develop on NeTV? See NeTV developer info!

See [here [1]] for a movie describing NeTV's basic features.


General Features and Benefits

Turn any vanilla HDTV into a smart TV

  • Plugs in-line between any video source and the TV
  • Overlays smart TV content as the video passes through NeTV
  • Exceptional value proposition; users can upgrade normal TVs to smart TVs without having to buy a new TV
  • Configure and manage user interface via wifi
    • Smartphones can function as a multi-touch, dynamic user interface device.
    • IR remote control also included for use without a smartphone


Smart Event Display

  • NeTV creates a personalized internet news crawler just for you:
    • Twitter, facebook, sports scores, and other internet news updates
    • Android users enjoy seamless SMS and email updates on their news banner
  • Event display UI is non-intrusive and passive, so it can be left on all the time

View web pages on your TV

  • Webkit browser embedded in device
  • Use your smartphone as a remote control for selecting the web page to view

Photo Sharing from Android

  • Seamless integration into Android photo applications
  • Click and send photos to your TV so friends and family can enjoy them on a large screen
  • iOS support is coming soon

Hardware Specs

  • HD-resolution (480p, 720p & 1080p24 “True Cinema”) support
  • Compatible with most HD video sources
  • 800 MHz Marvell CPU
  • Power via micro USB
  • 802.11g wifi
  • Easy to use 7-button IR remote