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Looking to develop on NeTV? See [[NeTV developer info]]!
Looking to develop on NeTV? See [[NeTV developer info]]!
See [here [http://files.chumby.com/bunnie/netv/netv_demo.html]] for a movie describing NeTV's basic features.

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Looking to develop on NeTV? See NeTV developer info!

See [here [1]] for a movie describing NeTV's basic features.


Turn any vanilla HDTV into a smart TV

  • Plugs in-line between any video source and the TV
  • Overlays smart TV content as the video passes through NeTV
  • Exceptional value proposition; users can upgrade normal TVs to smart TVs without having to buy a new TV
  • Configure and manage user interface via wifi
    • Smartphones can function as a multi-touch, dynamic user interface device.
    • IR remote control also included for use without a smartphone

Smart Event Display

  • NeTV creates a personalized internet news crawler just for you:
    • Twitter, facebook, sports scores, and other internet news updates
    • Android users enjoy seamless SMS and email updates on their news banner
  • Event display UI is non-intrusive and passive, so it can be left on all the time

View web pages on your TV

  • Webkit browser embedded in device
  • Use your smartphone as a remote control for selecting the web page to view

Photo Sharing from Android

  • Seamless integration into Android photo applications
  • Click and send photos to your TV so friends and family can enjoy them on a large screen
  • iOS support is coming soon

Hardware Specs

  • HD-resolution (480p, 720p & 1080p24 “True Cinema”) support
  • Compatible with most HD video sources
  • 800 MHz Marvell CPU
  • Power via micro USB
  • 802.11g wifi
  • Easy to use 7-button IR remote