USB Flash Drive Compatibility

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This page is intended to indicate the compatibility of USB flash drives with the various chumby models. The "hardware version" is accessible from the Settings->Chumby Info screen.

It has been reported that some flash drives that normally fail may work if reformatted from MacOS X, however, will still fail if formatted from Windows XP.

Ironforge (HW 3.6, 3.7, 3.8)

Manufacturer Model Capacity Comments
Chumby 1.0 128MB Works!
FujiFilm 2.0 512MB Works!
Kingston DataTraveler 2GB Works!
PNY micro Attache 2GB Works!
PNY MicroSD card
(via 4-in-1 mobile media USB adapter)
2GB Works!
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 256MB Works!
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 512MB Works!
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2GB Works!
With U3 !!!! (don't buy)
SanDisk Cardreader M2 SDHC 1GB Works!
SanDisk Cardreader M2 SDHC 8GB Works!
Sony MicroVault 2GB Mount: Works!
Wget: Works!
Mp3 Playing: Don't Works!
don't buy
Sony MicroVault 1GB Works!
Staples Relay 256MB Works!
TwinMOS GXT Mobile Disk 4GB Works!
Verbatim Store'n'Go 2GB Works!
Victorinox SwissMemory 512MB Works!