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I like the idea of having a web browser on my chumby. At least that is what I believe this is about. I call a Chumby Classic and a Chumby One my own and they behave quite differently when I boot them with the USB drive prepared according to the "too lazy?" section.

Chumby Classic: A QT web browser window opens. The screen does not work as an input device. The cursor is located in the middle of the screen and does not react to touch. I plugged a Intel USB keyboard / USB hub / USB touch pad in the second USB port but had no reaction

Chumby One: Only the top-most row on the screen is filled with colored pixels. They change a bit when I touch the screen, but essentially the screen remains dark.

What would a (fully functional -- with kbd and pointing device) standard set-up for Chumby Classic / Chumby One consist off?

Could someone please edit the Web Browser page and make the information more accessible for the not so advanced chumbaholic? I think in terms of adding an "aim" statement. And maybe even give some background on the "means" employed.