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Is it possible to use the USB storage AND also access channels?

If I use the "USB mass storage device plugged into the back of the chumby", can the chumbly still use my account and the channels?

Basically I want to develope a secure app that talks to my servers only to get private data in a secure mode (https: or ssh) and displays on my chumby, but accessible to no one else. However I would still like the clock, weather, and other stuff that is availabe on

Is that possible?

Yeah ;-)


The snippet:

Even Flash can be subject to memory leaks - the most common way to create a memory leak is to allocate XML objects as local variables. For instance, the code

  function someFunction() {
    var x = new XML();
    x.onLoad = doSomething;

...will result in a memory leak. XML objects should be assigned to movieclip properties, and assigned to undefined when no longer used.

isn't accurate. In actuality, the example demonstrates the way to not create a memory leak. Similar code that would cause a leak follows:

  function someFunction() {
    var x = new XML();
    x.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {
         // doSomething

The difference in the two is that the first block points to an existing function reference while the second points to the creation of a new one. The reason has to do with ActionScript's scope chain and activation objects. The two are described in detail at: Chain and Memory waste in Flash MX

SSHD location

On my chumby, I didn't have /bin/sshd, it was /sbin/sshd (I have a katimari chumby, I think /bin/sshd is for Foo)