NeTV release 22 notes

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Release 22 Notes


  • UI now fetches a fresh copy of the latest UI code from git every time the browser is restarted. This means any customizations you make on the local device get wiped. UI is now being stored in github.
  • To facilitate developers, a hook is put in /psp that allows you to point the browser on boot to a new location inside the device. So, if you do development, make a copy of the git repo to a safe location, and set the flag to point the browser there. Or else, you will lose your work.
  • The UI, now in git, will have running updates as they occur. No release notes will be made for them. However, most recently we have added features to allow for greater customization of update frequency in the ticker, and ouath-based local authentication for twitter and facebook are now incorporated into the product.


  • Updates now feature a fail-safe to roll-over to a backup server in case is down


  • Support for NeTV motor controller board added as an easter egg
  • Restructured web APIs
  • Added preliminary support for iOS devices as a remote control for NeTV