NeTV release 19 notes

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Important notes

  • Your device may not automatically reboot after the update. If this happens, the screen will be blank, and you will need to unplug and replug the device. This is due to a crash that happens in reboot that was fixed in this release.
  • HTTP API is refactored, please see


  • Add support for interlaced modes
  • Add key-repeat to IR remote
  • Fix occasional crash due to L2 cache bug
  • Fix reboot crash
  • Enable many optional kernel modules

NeTV helper

  • Add support for 1080i60 and 1080i50
  • Add support for PAL resolution (576p)


  • Message repeat count is now configurable
  • Facebook widget added. Complete OAuth support embedded within NeTV for configuration.
  • Enable/disable widget feature added.
  • Authentication added to some widgets
  • Customization of widgets added -- search_keywoard, num_of_news_fetched_everytime, etc... now exposed to users
  • Enable UTF-8 characters as TickerEvent. You can now view Asian characters on Twitter!
  • Bug fixes for ticker event, control panel, etc.
  • IR remote control now repeats events when button is held down
  • IR remote events are delivered to Javascript as a native keyboard event, instead of being an override
  • HTTP API is now more friendly and familiar to web developers. See developer wiki ( for more info.

Recovery Mode

  • Recovery mode should now work. You should be able to completely destroy the root partition and kernel and be able to press and hold the setup button during reboot, and the unit will connect to any open or WPA-encrypted wifi network, and will then automatically grab a fresh image and recover the device. You cannot destroy the partition table and still recover. Requires IR remote.


  • SSH is now off by default. Go to system->enable SSH to turn it on.