NeTV release 12 notes

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  • Fixed TKIP wifi-config bug & WEP hex key
  • Deal properly with special characters in network_config
  • Added UI to manually configure WiFi network
  • Added ca-certificates for HTTPS support
  • Add watchdog - If the system freezes it will get rebooted now
  • Bootloader - You must hold down the button in order to be able to enter the U-boot console
  • CPU - Work around some CPU L2 cache coherence bugs that caused incompatibility with JIT self-modifying code
  • Browser -- wrapped restart script around browser, so inadvertent crashes due to L2 cache bugs lead to restart of UI instead of hang
  • Recover mode -- there is a non-functional recovery mode in the image. Pressing and holding the setup button will reboot into it. Don't use it yet, will be updated to functionality soon.

Control Panel

  • bug fix and major UI update for Panel-Help, Panel-Settings
  • control panel is now "chumby-aware", i.e., fetches your channel profiles. You should see much more interesting stuff in the channel listings.
  • Enable switching to and from Panel-Help and Panel-SystemInfo in AP-mode.
  • Added channel listing in Panel-Channels, enable user to "Set Current Channel".
  • In widget-listing, match "NeTV Compatiable" widgets.
  • Allow user to edit widgets' parameters for "NeTV Compatiable && Has parameter" widgets.
  • Automatically correct the time & timezone by using MaxMind's GeoIP webservice
  • Added "Enable SSH" at Panel-Setting and Panel-SystemInfo
  • SSH can be enabled through UI


  • Convert most UDP operations on Android to TCP/HTTP (enhance reliability on congested networks)
  • Added activation using XAPI on Android


  • Apple TV series 2 compatibility bug fixed.


  • Numerous widgets ported to NeTV event-mode format:
    • ESPN
    • NYtimes
    • Stock quotes
    • engadget
    • google news
    • groupon
    • hacker news
    • People
    • NFL sports scores
    • weather
    • Yahoo news
    • twitter