NeTV beta program

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Beta Program

This page here is for beta program users. Bugs, updates and compatibility matrices will be posted here.


None today.

Confirmed Issues

As of firmware release 11


  • There is a known issue with TKIP encryption, affecting WPA1 type links. Please use WPA2, or open.
  • There is a known issue with 128-bit WEP encryption and hex keys.

Feature Discussion

  • Feature request: make rate of scrolling configurable

Compatibility Matrix

Placeholder for a matrix of known combinations of NeTV + video source, and NeTV + video sink.

columns for source compatibility should be: Device description, make, model; and auto-res, forced 480p, forced 720p, compatible; and 1080p truecinema compatible; comments

compatibility states should be yes, no, and intermittant/partial


Device Fw rev Resolution Compatibility Notes
Tivo Series 3 unknown forced 720p intermittant I could get NeTV into mode where it just showed black background, usually by switching video inputs on TV and coming back to the Tivo+NeTV chain. (chumby) Does it ever work? i.e. is the previous description the intermittent failure case, or the dominant operating mode
PS3 CECH-2501A Version 3.56 to be filled to be filled to be filled Sony Blue Version 3.56 to be filled to be filled to be filled


Display Resolution Compatibility Notes
Toshiba 40G300U forced 720p yes