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Lua is a lightweight scripting language - see the Lua website

Building lua

  • download and unpack the lua source distribution lua-5.1.4.tar.gz.
  • edit src/Makefile
    • line 10
    • line 12
    • line 13
    • line 15
      LIBS= -lm $(MYLIBS) -static
    • line 99, remove -lreadline -lhistory -lncurses
  • edit src/luaconf.h, comment out line 39 (disable LUA_USE_READLINE)
  • do:
 make linux
 arm-linux-strip src/lua
  • copy src/lua to a USB dongle and mount it on the chumby
  • run lua programs - there are example programs in the "test/" directory

Too lazy?

Download a prebuilt executable for chumby from here.