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My Streams

Playlist Support

Simple PLS file

A simple PLS playlist is a file that looks like a Windows .INI file, with the following format:


The key pieces are: the [playlist]; the NumberOfEntries; and then each path to the song preceded by File#= (where # is the index number of the song,)

This I named Nashville.pls, and all the files including this playlist I put on the USB drive when I mounted the drive to my computer. I knew that chumby was going to mount my drive as /mnt/usb because it had previously mounted it there. If yours is mounted at a different place, you'll have to use something other than /mnt/usb in your list; see where your usb drive is mounted first, and use this location.

Please note that I specified the File# entries backwards in order to address the problem mentioned earlier in this forum that the Chumby plays the songs from the bottom of the playlist up. I numbered them the correct way in the hopes that when the problem is fixed I don't have to change this file.

Simple M3U file

A "simple" M3U file format is a list of filenames. An easy way to create a M3U list, if all your songs are in one folder, is to redirect a list of the songs to a file. As an example, if I start up the sshd daemon and log in, I can create M3U list similar to the PLS list mentioned above by typing:

ls /mnt/usb/BillFrisell/Nashville/* > /mnt/usb/Nashville.m3u

The file would like:



See link here: GNUMP3d

Creating a Stream: Using a PLS or M3U file

To use the playlist on the chumby, you have to create a new stream in My Streams, call it whatever you want, give it the type of PLS or M3U, but give it the URL of file:////mnt/usb/Nashville.pls (or .m3u) Note the 4 slashes (////) after 'file:' -- this is not a mistake. Of course if your drive is not mounted on /mnt/usb you'd have to change the URL.

Edit the "My Streams" file

If you have a large number of streams and don't want to edit each one through the Chumby interface, follow these instructions:

1. Enable SSH daemon
2. Open an SSH session "ssh <chumby ip> -l root"
3. Enter "vi /psp/url_streams"

A faster way to edit the streams file is to create MANY streams via the Chumby interface (don't worry about editing the content), then edit the 'url_streams' file with vi. Consider copying the url_streams file to a USB drive, edit it on a PC, then copy it back. You also have a limited amount of storage space in the /psp/ directory so you can always create a sub-directory and copy your '.pls' files.

mkdir /psp/mystreams
cp /mnt/usb/*.pls /psp/mystreams
cp /mnt/usb/url_streams /psp

Using a Playlist as an Alarm

Once a stream has been created with your playlist, you can use it as a custom alarm sound. When creating your alarm, choose as the sound My Streams; you will then get a list of streams to choose from. Choose the one associated with your playlist.