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NOTE - this page is for the Foo/Katamari alpha prototypes


Finding your Chumby

Browsing bonjour services from the command line

I downloaded the Bonjour Browser (under OSX) and run it.

[Screen shot of bonjour browser]

You can see the Chumby listed here in the Bonjour Browser, along with the IP Address.

The IP is also available on the Chumby itself from the Control Panel on the Settings->Info screen.


Hints: Browseatwork but no textentry unless you use the nifty little spot made for when you wanted to browse with your psp via the Wipeout hack... Or point it to a place where it has your bookmarks in html form

Just my two cents.

HTTPD/Built in Web Server

The Chumby advertises itself via Bonjour, Apple's system for advertising services.

You can use the Bonjour bookmark that supposedly exists in Safari, but I am unable to find that. So used the tools under Finding Your Chumby to get an IP address to use.

(Bonjour bookmarks in Safari can be enabled or disabled in the Safari preferences. From the Safari menu choose Preferences. Choose Bookmarks and check the Bonjour checkboxes.)

Use the IP address you got from above, for example:

There are limited options on the web server right now, but you get a pretty picture and you can see wireless stats.

[Screen shot of output of Chumby's built in web server] The web page in the chumby as of 2006-08-28


The Chumby comes with sshd, but it is not running by default (can you imagine chumby's running all over, usually behind NAT, but sometimes exposed, with sshd enabled and a default password? It would be chaos I say as people rooted my alarm clock! Enough fear mongering!)

You need to run sshd.

  • The USB thumbdrive should be formatted with fat, vfat, or fat32 (this is the default for any thumbdrive you purchase I believe)
  • Put a file on a USB thumbdrive called "debugchumby"
  • It must be at the root level of the file system on the USB device
  • It must be marked executable
  • If it is a script (mostly likely), it should have the typical bang header:
  • This is not a feature you can count on - it may be removed or changed at any time.
  • You probably want to try connecting with the root account. Use the IP address from browsing Bonjour, or just look around your IP range until you find the machine (as far as I can see, Chumbies don't advertise ssh on Bonjour/Zeroconf, even when running sshd)
  • from linux you can do:
nmap ip-address
  • ...or you can look on the Settings/Info screen in the Control Panel for the current IP of the chumby

this has been tested and verified on a foo camp chumby

SSHD Easter Egg

There's also an easter-egg method to start sshd on the Foo Camp chumbies. This trick may not survive firmware updates, so don't count on it being in future versions. You must have the network configured and running properly for this to work.

  • Bring up the Control Panel by gently squeezing the chumby
  • Press the "Settings" button on the left side
  • Press the "Info" button in the upper left
  • Press the legs in the background image of the octopus in the following sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5
  • You should get a little popup of the octopus winking at you
  • You can now ssh into the chumby with the IP listed on the Info screen, with the user "root". For example:
# ssh -l root

Don't forget to create and add your Max Chumbroom pictures.

File Manager

You can open a File Manager on the Chumby via an Easter Egg. Your clues are: settings->info and tapping...

...Those beedy little eyes bug me...

You can browse the file system, but it doesn't appear that you can open or execute files from the file manager.

But you can determine that there are no easter eggs in the web server.

Chumby via Serial

There is a serial port somewhere. Getting to it involves a special cable and 'shims' and getting voltages right-if you attach a straight serial cable you will, apparantly, blow it up.

I believe you need a RS-232 to TTL voltage converter to use the serial port. Google it.

There is also a USB port