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Say Hello Using Parameters

Personalize a message for the owner of the Chumby. This tutorial also touches on using the Chumby properties. You can find more properties in the Chumby Property Dictionary.

This short tutorial uses the Adobe Flash IDE, so go ahead and open it up.

  1. Create a new document - 320px in width, 240px in height, at 12 frames per second.
  2. Make sure you are set to publish using Flash Player 8 or Flash Lite 3.0.
  3. Create a new Dynamic Text field on the main stage.
  4. Give the text field an instance name of hello_txt_fld.
  5. Add the following ActionScript to frame 1 of the timeline.
hello_txt_fld.text = "Hello ," + _root._chumby_user_name;

Run your widget on the Chumby or Virtual Chumby. If everything goes as planned, you should see Hello, Joe User on the screen (actual name may vary).