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Discussion Talk about ideas for hacks here. Reserve the main page for "How To Hack", i.e. This pin does that, pull up resistor here, etc. Alternatively, if necessary, this page should be spawned into Chumby Hacking Brainstorm or something similar.

  • add IR receiver to chumby, make a few, or several, IR keyboards work with it. Alternatively,

use one of those programmable remote controls (with alphabetic keyboard), together with LIRC on chumby.

  • SSR (solid state relay) control module?
  • chumby + Phidgets for lots of real world interaction via the USB port?

Question: I assume chumby industries has a datasheet for the radio chip. can it be posted here? this datasheets seems rather difficult to find.

Question: What is the part designator for the Touch Screen in the Bill Of Materials?

The links to the PDF's needs to be fixed. -- 02:53, 1 February 2007 (PST)


The Arduino I think would be a less expensive alternative to Phidgets. Plus the Arduino--I think--would require less proc power from the from the chumby. What I understand about phidgets is that they are more server based. The Ardunio might allow for more pre-processing before sensor data gets to the chumby.

But the big difference is the lack of openess. The Arduino is CC’d and it’s associated software is open as well. While I understand Phidgets having to protect their product’s IP, Arduino is philosophically a better choice.Isforinsects 15:00, 27 February 2007 (PST)