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I am developing for an Insignia InfoCast. After installing FlashDevelop I created a simple app (Hello World) and added some moving graphics to it. The swf builds fine and the app will run in the developer environment on a Windows XP machine. It is configured for Flash 9, 30 frames per second.

Using the instructions on this wiki page, I can start the ssh daemon on the InfoCast, make the ssh connection using PuTTy, and stop the flash player on the InfoCast (InfoCast screen goes blank). When I issue the chumbyflashplayer.x -i /mnt/usb/myWidget.swf, the InfoCast screen changes to an icon for Flash9 but the widget does not run on the InfoCast screen. The PuTTy CLI appears to be cycling with text that reads:

 2010-08-12 08:07:10 ClientObject::MainLoop(playCount=9192) master instance 002127d8 is not playing!!
 2010-08-12 08:07:12 ClientObject::MainLoop(playCount=9216) master instance 002127d8 is not playing!!

This repeats every 2 seconds, updating the time and incrementing playCount by 24 each time.

FlashDevelop is configured for 30 frames per second, but the repeating playCount increments by 24 every 2 seconds. Should the widget be built for 12 frames per second rather than 30?