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Sometimes tools are needed to help with diagnosing of problems when writing configuration widgets that send data, or widgets that get data from the Chumby network. Here are two simple tools that can help.

The Tools


A simple widget that dumps out the properties of _root. Useful to see what values you can get from servers, or from your configuration widget. Substitute for the widget you are working on. You can also use this as a configuration widget to see what the servers set as properties of _root.

  • NOTE: it is an exercise for the reader to extend it to scroll.


A configuration widget that sets and retrieves data from the server. The user can set or edit any 'name=value' of their choosing. The widget under development will get these values in their root timeline. Enter your name=value pairs on each line of its own.

  • NOTE this widget also doesn't scroll, but at least it has a button!


These widgets were built using mtasc and swfmill on a Linux system. swfmill and mtasc are also available for other platforms, so it wouldn't be difficult to build it under other platforms. Shell scripts are included with the commands necessary to build them.


The code and widgets and be found here. This code is under BSD license except for the parts written by Chumby industries.


Please make your comments on the Chumby forums.