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NOTE: Ironforge production chumbys already have Perl installed

Setting up ssh for cross compiling

  • Copy arm-linux scp and ssh binaries to the root of a usb drive and mount it on chumby.
  • If one doesn't already exist, create a symbolic link to scp on chumby
# ln -s /mnt/usb/scp /usr/bin/scp



# wget


  • Run Configure with the following paramters (replace targethost with the IP address of your chumby):
sh ./Configure -des -Dusecrosscompile \
   -Dtargethost= \
   -Dtargetdir=/mnt/usb \
   -Dtargetuser=root \
   -Dtargetarch=arm-linux \
   -Dcc=arm-linux-gcc \
   -Dusrinc=/usr/arm-linux/include \
   -Dincpth=/usr/arm-linux/include \


  • run make
  • an arm-elf miniperl binary should be created
  • if you strip the binary, miniperl should be around 830K in size
# arm-linux-strip miniperl

Too Lazy?

You can download miniperl already cross-compiled for chumby, here -

The instructions for building Perl to work on the Chumby are found Here.

You will learn there how to set up a development environment using Scratchbox, and compile your own Perl and applications.

Pre-compiled, ready-to-run Perl

Download here Perl, the include libraries, and applications that can be installed on a Chumby USB key or in the Chumby ONE internal storage