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Announcement archive

September 27: Units at version 9 should go to 11. Version 11 is an update from pre-launch, so don't get too excited; we just fixed a bug in update deployment that should have been fixed a while ago. A new update is in the works that has more significant functionality changes and upgrades soon.

September 29: Update system is currently being reworked again, so updates are off-line temporarily. They will be back on-line soon. At the moment if you run an update you will get a signature mismatch error.

September 29: Rework is done, updates should now be happening automatically. Current latest is 11.

Issue archive

As of firmware release 11


  • There is a known issue with TKIP encryption, affecting WPA1/WPA2 TKIP-only type links. Please use TKIP+AES, or open. Using Android app 0.5.6 and later will fix this bug, but configuring using IR remote will not work.
  • There is a known issue with 128-bit WEP encryption and hex keys.