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Here's how to build a simple java virtual machine for the chumby (assumes you have the development tools installed).

Or you can skip to the end and just download a prebuilt binary.

Building JamVM

Create a directory to hold the package

mkdir ~jamvm
cd jamvm

Download the source code

Download jamvm-1.4.3 into ~/jamvm

Unpack the source code

tar xzvf java-1.4.3.tar.gz
cd javavm-1.4.3

Configure and build

./configure  --build=i386-linux --host=arm-linux --prefix=/usr/arm-linux

Strip the binary

arm-linux-strip src/jamvm


sudo make install

This will copy the virtual machine to /usr/arm-linux/jamvm, and the custom class libraries to /usr/arm-linux/share/

Download and unpack GNU classpath

mkdir ~/classpath
cd ~/classpath

Download classpath-0.91

tar -xzf classpath-0.91.tar.gz
cd classpath-0.91

Build classpath

You'll need to have jikes installed (for Kubuntu, sudo apt-get install jikes)

./configure --build=i386-linux --host=arm-linux --prefix=/usr/arm-linux --with-jikes --disable-gtk-peer --disable-alsa --without-x --with-jni
sudo make install

Build a "java dongle" for chumby

  • copy /usr/arm-linux/bin/jamvm to the dongle
  • create a directory lib on the dongle
  • copy /usr/arm-linux/share/ to the lib directory on the dongle
  • copy the contents of/usr/arm-linux/lib/classpath/*.so to the lib directory on the dongle
  • copy the contents of/usr/arm-linux/share/classpath/ to the lib directory on the dongle
  • create the file java on the dongle with the contents:
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/usb/lib /mnt/usb/jamvm -mx8M -Xbootclasspath:/mnt/usb/lib/ $@

Too lazy to do all this?

Just download jamvm_chumby_1.7.tar.gz (23MB) and unpack onto your dongle.

Run programs!

For example, if you have a program compiled to Hello.class, you can run it with:

# java Hello
Hello World