Hacking hardware for Foo/Katamari

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Note - this page covers hacking hardware for alpha prototype chumby hardware.
For hacking production hardware, please see Hacking hardware for chumby

Complete schematics for the chumby core unit can be found here. A Bill of Materials for the chumby core unit can be found in XLS format here. A layer by layer 1:1 scale print of the circuit board can be found here. A larger than life assembly drawing (just the silk screen designators) can be found here.

A sensor package was developed by chumby so that you can turn your ideas into reality without having to go through the labor of schematic capture, board design, and parts selection (Bill of Materials for Sensor Package). The sensor package has the following features:

  • Support for the ADXL3XX series of pin-compatible accelerometers (3-axis and 2-axis versions available)
  • Up to 6 available 12-bit analog inputs
  • Limited support for servo motor drivers (1-high resolution driver, and 3 low-res drivers)
  • 8x 3.3V-compatible digital inputs
  • 8x 5.0V-swing digital outputs
  • 8x 1-A DC motor driver channels (can be configured for high or low side driving to make an H-bridge configuration), with support for motor voltages between 5.5V and 24.5V
  • A small prototyping area for you to add on quick hacks