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Here's a HOWTO on setting up Phigets C development environment on chumby.

Install GCC

  • SSH into your device [view guide].
  • type 'gcc' (without quote), you'll be prompt to download & install gcc package. You'll see something like this
chumby:~# gcc
GCC isn't on this device by default, but it's possible to download a
package and install it.  If you like, we can try fetching one from and installing it.
Install toolchain? [Y/n] Y

It'll take a couple of minutes.

Install libusb & Phidgets library

  • Download source code for libusb 0.1.12 here
  • Download source code for Phidgets library here
  • Download file and save on a USB thumdrive (This is required by older libtool)
  • Copy both libraries on to USB thumbdrive
  • Connect the thumbdrive to your chumby
  • Copy & extracted libraries source files to /mnt/storage
cp /mnt/usb/libusb-0.1.12.tar.gz /mnt/storage
cp /mnt/usb/libphidget_2.1.7.20110203.tar.gz /mnt/storage
cd /mnt/storage
tar xvf libusb-0.1.12.tar.gz
tar xvf libphidget_2.1.7.20110203.tar.gz
  • Make chumby root filesystem writable and copy (it's a tiny text file) to /lib to be used by libtool while compiling
mount -o remount,re /
cp /mnt/usb/ /lib
  • Configure & compile libusb. We don't need to install libusb
cd /mnt/storage/libusb-0.1.12
  • Copy header file & compiled libusb to libphidget folder
cp ./usb.h /mnt/storage/libphidget-
cp ./.libs/libusb.a /mnt/storage/libphidget-
  • Configure & compile & install Phidgets library
cd /mnt/storage/libphidget-
make install
  • Done with the libraries, remount filesystem as read-only
mount -o remount,ro /

Compile Phidgets examples

  • Download Phidgets Linux examples from here
  • Get it on your chumby device with a USB thumbdrive as above
  • Copy header file & compiled libphidget to examples folder
cd /mnt/storage/libphidget-
cp ./phidget21.h /mnt/storage/phidget21-c-examples-
cp ./.libs/phidget21.a /mnt/storage/phidget21-c-examples-
  • Configure & compile & all examples
cd /mnt/storage/phidget21-c-examples-

That's it. Now we have a development environment to compile C/C++ code on your chumby. Try connecting Phidgets to chumby and run one of the examples.

Use 'gcc' directly to compile your own Phidgets application

gcc MyPhidgets.c -o MyPhidgets -lphidget21

Clean up

  • Delete downloaded tarball
rm /mnt/storage/libusb-0.1.12.tar.gz
rm /mnt/storage/libphidget_2.1.7.20110203.tar.gz