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Chumby FAQ

  • Can Chumby Do Video? And the appropriate answer is "No, but it may in the future. As of right now, Chumby is too slow for video, but a driver could be written to use its specialized MPEG hardware to help it decode video.
  • This Chumby thing sounds great, how do I get one?

If you didn't receive a Chumby at FOO Camp, it might be a while before you get your hands on one. bunnie is hosting a workshop at ToorCon (in San Diego) where 9 individuals will have access to the Chumby and hacking tools (along with some lecturing and hands on play with the OS on Chumby). You can find more information about that by checking out the ToorCon 2006 website. Other than that, it may be a while before you get your hands on one of the devices, as they won't start shipping until sometime in the first quarter of next year (March 2007 expected).

  • My touch screen stopped working, how can I fix it?

Open up the chumby, short the trace on the front underneath the shielding directly below the serial debug port, it is labeled 'short to gnd recovery mode' to ground, then power up and it goes into a reset mode (if you do this, please improve this FAQ entry)

  • Can Chumby do VOIP?

As it ships, No, Chumby cannot do Voice over IP. However, it may be possible to add software to support VoIP, but it would likely be beyond the capabilities of the unit as it ships. Chumby is designed to run Flash Widgets, not other software packages.