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A crib sheet of useful commands.

Local boot scripts

Scripts in /psp/rfs1/userhook0, /psp/rfs1/userhook1, /psp/rfs1/userhook2 get run on boot and are stored locally (no USB dongle needed). userhook2 is run just before the control panel is downloaded, and is the typical place to interject commands. Earlier hooks are provided in case you need to muck with drivers, paths, etc.

Note: This information is also valid for Chumby Classics (at least on latest beta version)

Making a swap partition

if [ ! -e /mnt/storage/swap ]
    echo "Making 256M swapfile"
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/storage/swap bs=1M count=256
    mkswap /mnt/storage/swap
swapon /mnt/storage/swap

Loading .so's without modifying the base install

chumby:/mnt/storage# echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Put the libraries in /mnt/storage/lib or /mnt/storage/local/lib.